Who doesn’t love a horror story?


Sheriff Sam had his hands full that morning. Not only did Shana want to go to End House, but also Mike and David, who both refused to leave Carl’s side. Earlier that morning he had called for reinforcements to help with their search for Louise. Police of neighboring towns and state troopers were busy scouring the beach and park for any sign of her. He hoped to find her alive and well—and not just her lifeless body, like the others that had been found on the beach.

Deputy Carl was busy loading Mike and David into his car with a very exasperated look on his face. Sam couldn’t understand why Carl always acted irritated whenever he was asked to do his job. It was time to replace his indignant deputy with newer and fresher talent.

He said to Shana, “You’re coming with me, but don’t wander off by yourself in the house. I know how independent you can be.”

“You don’t know me well enough to predict any of my actions!” Her face turned a bright crimson red. He enjoyed pushing her buttons to test her reactions; and again, she didn’t disappoint him.

“That could be very easily arranged.” Sam walked to his car. He knew that in time Shana would be all his; he just had to be patient a little while longer.

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