Mike spoke up in his irritated tone of voice. “Let’s just quickly pick a door and see what’s behind it.” He strode over to the middle door and pulled it open.
He was about to take a step into the room when he realized—just before it was too late—that the room didn’t have a floor, but only a long drop into nothingness. He jumped back. “This is it for me; from now on I’m going to take a back seat in this awful game being played on us.”
Mike was useless anyway. He was only good at sarcasm or correcting David. Louise also believed that the sooner they escaped this horror show, the better; which led her to check out the next door.
“Let’s try the door to the right,” offered Louise. She watched Mike and David for their response. Neither of them spoke nor moved, so she opened the door herself and looked inside. The room opened to a high, narrow tower with a gated opening across the top.
“Who wants to climb the tower and open the gate at the top?” asked Louise. Mike and David looked too terrified to move. They both stood still.

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