Todd had made sure that his appointments ended early for the day. He was about to leave when Natalie Fisher called out for him to wait for her. She hurried to catch up to him as fast as her short legs allowed. She was a tiny lady in her sixties who was a very efficient personal assistant. She took care of most things in his life, except for anything that involved the private lives of Oasis’ residents. Despite her insistence that he needed her personal touch in his personal life, he kept his private life off limits. He knew that once Natalie took over a chore, she got much too involved and controlling.
“I have important papers for you to sign before tomorrow’s meeting,” puffed Natalie.
“I’ll be in early. Leave them on my desk and I’ll sign them in the morning.” He walked out the front door.
“I’ll come in early and then we’ll look them over together,” Natalie declared. “You cannot trust anyone in town to leave papers on your desk unattended.” She stood on the sidewalk, huffing and puffing from her short run.
To allow her time to catch up to him, he had to stop in his tracks. He couldn’t believe that she was in such poor shape—after running errands for him all day, every day. He decided to be a little easier on her in the future.
“Thanks Natalie,” Todd replied. “I don’t know
what I would do without you in my life.”
“Maybe find a nice girl and settle down.”
He wondered to himself if it would ever be possible
for him to find a woman whom he could trust with his
unusual way of life.
“Good night Natalie,” he responded before walking to his car.

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