Dare to be Different


Embrace your passions. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. No one is better than you; therefore, no one has the right to criticize you or your beliefs. Be unique. Be different. Be proud.


The Light vs. The Dark

Isn’t that what life is all about? How we choose to live life? We can live in the sun or the darkness. We can be optimistic or pessimistic about the hand dealt to us.

Too often, I choose darkness. I have to force myself to accept what life has in store for me and just try harder to make it better. And to be a better person. When that happens, all else falls into place.




In a town, where there is a beauty in its beaches, lagoons, and calm blue waters, The Dead walk the streets at night. Who are The Dead? Are they residents or visitors who flock to town for its famous parties? Are they vampires or humans?
The Dead Game, the first in a series, introduces The Dead. Come and find out who they really are.

To Be Alone

Do you sometimes feel that you need time alone to clear your mind? If you can’t climb to the top of a mountain, then close your eyes and envision that you are there. Take a deep breath and look at the open space around you. No buildings, no cars, and no people. Everything is now placed in perspective. We are just small specks on earth that has a beauty of its own without our help. No matter what we do, life still goes on.